Poly-Crete Flooring Systems
Polycrete is a urethane based system that is heavy duty and a seamless resurfacer which provides exceptional durability and service. Polycrete is great for repairing, restoration or new construction. This product is easy to maintain, sanitary, chemical resistant, and has low odor. Polycrete is also Abrasion Resistant and thermal shock resistant. It is a great product for food processing areas, bottling areas, cook/chill areas, commercial kitchens, pharmaceutical plants, sanitize/wash areas, chemical processing areas, plant vehicle aisles.
Our Services
  • Heavy duty industrial flooring- tough resilient flooring for high traffic areas- firehouses, garages, warehouses, airports, agriculture.
  • Electrostatic dissipative to reduce sparks/ static shock in flammable prone and electronic assembly areas.
  • Novolac chemical resistant flooring.
  • Sports & recreation synthetic surfacing- around swimming pools, locker rooms.
  • Elastomeric flexible membranes allowing for substrate movement and positive waterproofing.
  • Chemical resistant reinforced secondary containment surfacing.
  • Surfacing systems to prevent bacterial buildup and penetration.
  • Advanced high build coating systems.
  • Pigmented epoxy surfacing available in a variety of solid colors.
  • Color quartz color combinations in a variety of color patterns.
  • Smooth (shiny), "orange peel", and non-skid finishes for USDA, FDA sanitary codes and/or OSHA approved safety surfaces.
  • Self-leveling concrete surfaces and underlayments.
  • Concrete Polishing and Sealing.
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