Epoxy Primers/Sealers
This is a two-part, transparent or colored, solvent based epoxy sealer designed especially for penetrating and sealing concrete floors. One coat will stop or reduce dusting in storage areas. A second coat adds durability and uniformity, while retaining a higher gloss. This product produces a consistent high-gloss finish which is easy to maintain and resistant to oil, gasoline solvents and most acids. It also seals and protects, strengthens floors, reduces dusting, provides a high gloss finish, and has low odor. Typically used in warehouses, bottling plants, machine shops, garages, walkways, auditoriums, laundries, and hangars.
Our Services
  • Heavy duty industrial flooring- tough resilient flooring for high traffic areas- firehouses, garages, warehouses, airports, agriculture.
  • Electrostatic dissipative to reduce sparks/ static shock in flammable prone and electronic assembly areas.
  • Novolac chemical resistant flooring.
  • Sports & recreation synthetic surfacing- around swimming pools, locker rooms.
  • Elastomeric flexible membranes allowing for substrate movement and positive waterproofing.
  • Chemical resistant reinforced secondary containment surfacing.
  • Surfacing systems to prevent bacterial buildup and penetration.
  • Advanced high build coating systems.
  • Pigmented epoxy surfacing available in a variety of solid colors.
  • Color quartz color combinations in a variety of color patterns.
  • Smooth (shiny), "orange peel", and non-skid finishes for USDA, FDA sanitary codes and/or OSHA approved safety surfaces.
  • Self-leveling concrete surfaces and underlayments.
  • Concrete Polishing and Sealing.
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